Quality at the best price

We are one of the most important organizations in the country and the main company in Córdoba and inland. We offer several kinds of services, combining air, sea and land transport with great management ability.

We optimize all the activities, the information and the technical details so as to offer simple and handy solutions. We take care of logistics since the first moment.

Packing has its characteristics according to each destiny country. Please, feel free to ask us in advance so as to avoid any trouble when performing a move.

With more than 2000 m2 of warehouse, we offer the complete storing service, with the proper care for a duly storage of your personal property and goods.

We have Customs brokers for advising you in all the matters related to the exports and imports of goods and services, for your absolute peace of mind in the international market.

Within this service we consider those shipments that involve transporting non-conventional goods, from animals or mortal remains till art pieces or objects with very different characteristics.

Moves are on the 4º place on the stress-generating problems ranking. Trust us for the shipment of your personal property from and to any city of the world.

Our worldwide network of agents enables us to offer a tailored made service according to your company's needs. We coordinate the service from your provider's door to the designated place.

Do you need a service according to your specific needs?

We are effective

The benefits of our experience are reflected on the provision of effective solutions to the complex global chains of supply.
We bring new methods to our processes for simplifying our services and for leaving the client aside from the proceedings; we take care of the entire process.


We offer completely safe and effective services, with the highest quality standards in the national and international market.


Since 1979 we offer services, innovate in processes and simplify transactions for our clients, applying the experience acquired through all these years.


Our team continuously works for providing our clients with support. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.